LEEAF Mission Statement:
1.  Provide a positive experience for our children as they learn about their personal adoption stories and heritage
2. Celebrate our children 
3.  Adoption education 
4.  To give  our children the gift of fellow adoptees 
5. Cultural Exchange - by providing opportunties for families to host Russian groups that visit the USA

      Louisiana Eastern European Adoptive Families
                 What is LEEAF?

LEEAF is a private adoption group formed solely for the purpose of providing encouragement for persons seeking to adopt from Eastern European countries and orphanage/orphan support. LEEAF is NOT an incorporated entity. Membership is extended at the discretion of the steering committee.  The steering committee reserves the right to evaluate any person's access to the group and terminate that access for what ever reason it deems necessary.  No LEEAF member or former LEEAF member can use LEEAF's database for their own personal, monetary gain.  Any service provided by a LEEAF member or former LEEAF member to the LEEAF group (not to individual LEEAF members) must be given at cost or donated. Final decisions for all aspects of the functionings of LEEAF will be made by the LEEAF steering committee.  LEEAF reserves the right to limit the number of people on the steering committee. LEEAF is a private support group  and therefore reserves the right to evaluate any person's placement on the LEEAF steering committee or in the LEEAF group. LEEAF does not endorse and does not accept any responsibility for any product, agency, foundation, or service stated on the LEEAF website. All LEEAF events are attended at your own risk. LEEAF is not responsible for any injuries that may occur at a LEEAF event.  LEEAF does not endorse or accept responsibility for the information given to families by individual LEEAF members. We are an informal, adoption group and we do not claim to be adoption professionals in any manner.  We share our personal adoption stories, but do not give professional advice.  Each individual considering adoption should gather information from adoption professionals and choose wisely. 

This page was last updated: November 3, 2014

LEEAF Annual Winter Party
When:  Saturday, January 24th, 2015
Where:  Fleur de Lis Event Center, Mandeville
Time:  (Tenative) 2:00 - 4:30
Cost:  $25 annual LEEAF renewal fee per family

For the past two years, LEEAF has hosted a group Russian and Ukrainian teens that tour the US, performing traditional Russian songs and dance with Golden Gate.  They are incredible performers!
To RSVP: contact Karen Bordelon: